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How to Start a Business in Ontario

Posted by Jana Lambert on Jan 25, 2019 8:57:41 AM


Wondering how to start a business in Ontario? You're far from alone. Each business has a unique backstory, but many follow this general pattern: The business started by taking on small jobs or selling small quantities of goods or services and gradually ramped up to execute large projects. This is a great way to get going, as it allows you to test an idea before you invest a lot of money and effort. Another method of testing before investing is to buy an existing business, if you can get a good deal.

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What is Included in the Articles of Incorporation

Posted by Jana Lambert on Oct 25, 2018 3:10:02 PM


When you want to form a corporation in Ontario, you will need to prepare and file articles of incorporation. The articles of incorporation is the document that brings your corporation into existence, and sets out certain features of the corporation, for example, any restriction on the business that may be carried on, the classes of shares that can be issued and any share transfer restrictions. As such, proper preparation of your articles of incorporation is vital to your business.

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Top 10 Reasons to Incorporate in Ontario

Posted by Matthew Ordower on Oct 25, 2018 12:53:24 PM

The prospect of incorporating a business in Ontario may seem exciting or overwhelming, perhaps both, but there’s a reason you’re thinking about incorporation, right? For example, it gives your business several layers of protection that sole proprietorships don't get. Here’s a look at that advantage and others.

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Business Startup – The First Year: Why Choosing a Name is Important and How to Do It

Posted by Matthew Ordower on Oct 2, 2018 1:32:11 PM

Some people dread it. Some obsess about it. Some simply want to be through with it. If you’ve ever done it yourself, you’d probably agree that the process of choosing a name for your company or brand tends to stir extreme emotions. But is a name really that important? After all, your clients and investors will surely appreciate your business for its products and services rather than its name. Right?

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Deciding whether to Incorporate in Ontario? Here are some things you may not know.

Posted by Matthew Ordower on Sep 19, 2018 4:53:46 PM

To incorporate or not to incorporate in Ontario, that is the question. It’s an important one indeed, and what you do is likely to have a significant impact on your business and even your personal life. As far as the benefits of incorporation go, running a simple internet search brings up a tantalizing array of advantages such as the ability to raise capital, access to government grants, protecting your personal assets with limited liability, tax benefits, perpetual existence and the ability to bring on multiple owners.

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Why Incorporate in Ontario with a Lawyer (and Not Incorporate in Ontario by Yourself)

Posted by Matthew Ordower on Sep 11, 2018 1:19:28 PM


The business that may have started as a germ of an idea has grown by leaps and bounds, and you’re ready to incorporate in Ontario. There are two main paths to incorporation that you can take. One is to go it yourself, maybe with help from a do-it-yourself online service. The other path is to enlist a lawyer to help. All things considered, the second path is better. Here’s a look at why.

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